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Jaw crusher produced by the crusher manufacturer is a commonly used crushing equipment in coarse crushing operations, commonly known as tiger mouth. The crushing chamber is composed of two jaw plates of movable and static jaws, which simulates the movement of two jaws of animals and completes the crushing operation of materials. It is widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, road, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry. According to the operation process of jaw crusher, various problems will occur in the crusher manufacturer.

As for the reasons causing the phenomenon of returning materials, the crusher manufacturer believes that there are mainly the following four aspects:

A, jaw crusher's own problems: new jaw crusher spare parts do not tally with the drawing size, such as the length, thickness of the jaw, the length of the knee and elbow voids, the irregular frame size of inner chamber, cause bad products; After long time use two jaw Angle is greater than 2 times of friction Angle, make the material between the jaw and does not produce enough friction, to overcome the crushing force upward force component, by material under the action of vertical force, extrusion, sliding inlet direction.

2. Influence of unbalanced force on materials: the vertical force of the material in the crushing chamber is easy to be unbalanced, and under the action of upward force, it is easy to see the phenomenon of returning materials.

3. The width of discharge port is too large: jaw crusher of the same specification is more likely to return materials when the discharge port width is larger. The material is then rubbed against the jaw plate. The more serious the wear and tear of the jaw plate, the more likely it is to produce recharging.

4. The size difference of the material to be broken is too large: when the size of the material to be broken varies greatly, it is easy to return the material.

According to the actual working experience of the crusher manufacturer, there are several ways to solve the problem as follows:

1. The crusher manufacturer believes that the suitable size of the crusher can be used according to the material conditions. (when purchasing, you can ask more of the staff of the crusher factory)

2. When the jaw plate is worn and the material returns, it shall be repaired or replaced in time.

3. When the particle size of materials varies too much, screening shall be carried out first; The coarse jaw crusher is preprocessed, and then the fine jaw crusher is used for precision processing, which can ensure the processing requirements of materials.

4. At the interface between the movable jaw and the movable jaw plate, a wedge-shaped pad is added to reduce the Angle between the two jaw plates, so that the Angle between the two jaw plates is less than two times of the friction Angle, so as to eliminate the phenomenon of returning materials.


Finally, xinzhongwei mine crusher manufacturers remind everyone: after the return of materials, please operators pay attention to safety!










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