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The crusher can be divided into medical crusher and mining crusher according to large categories. The mining crusher is adapted to the crushing of hard rock in mass mine. Its typical granitic granularity less than 40mm is less than 90%. This machine can handle the material under 100~500 mm. The compressive strength is up to 350 MPa, the crushing ratio is large, and the material is cube particle after crushing. Mining crushing machinery refers to the crushing machinery with a particle size greater than three millimeters in the row, which accounts for more than 50% of the total discharge volume.
The crusher can be divided into medical crusher and mining crusher according to large categories. The medical crusher is mainly used for crushing stones. Generally, the stones are broken by resonance and other methods, so as to avoid all kinds of risks brought by surgery.
According to the principle of breakage, the commonly used crushing machines are Hubei crusher, counterattack crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, roller crusher, compound crusher and so on.
The meaning of breakage
1. Purpose: crusher is widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries and many other departments. Every year, a large number of raw materials and reused waste materials need to be processed by crushers. For example, in the ore dressing plant, in order to separate the useful minerals from the ores, it is necessary to use the crusher to break the original ore to the size required by the grinding process. Crushing machinery is needed to break the raw material to the next step. In the coking plant, sintering plant, ceramic factory, glass industry, powder metallurgy and other departments, crushing machinery must be used to crush the raw materials to the next step.
2, significance: in the chemical and electric departments, crushing and grinding machinery breaks raw materials and grinding, increases the surface area of the material, and creates favorable conditions for reducing the time of the chemical reaction of the material. With the rapid development of industry and the rapid decrease of resources, it is very important to reuse the waste materials in various departments. The reprocessing of these wastes should be broken by crushing machinery.



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