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Beijing xinzhongwei mining machinery equipment Co., Ltd. is a crusher manufacturer specializing in the production of formatting crusher. Everyone knows that the production of crusher directly affects the production of the whole production line. How to improve the production efficiency of the crusher is an urgent problem to be solved by every user. Counterattack crusher is a very common crushing equipment, we take counterattack crusher as an example to discuss how to improve the production efficiency of crusher.
1. Material selection. The quality of materials is the key to affect the output of crushing production line in quarry, especially the degree of hardness and softness of sand materials directly determines the effect of sand crushing.
2. Strict specifications must be set for the size of the feed, and the feed requirements must meet the requirements of the matching equipment of the stone production line. It is necessary to remind that the deformation of the sieve is caused by the long collision of the material in the vibrating screen, and it will also lead to the large unqualified material entering the cavity of the broken equipment, which not only reduces the production of the sand making, but also speeds up the wear of the equipment of the vulnerable parts.


3, there should be sufficient material resources to ensure, such as limestone, pebbles, cobblestones and so on to be able to provide timely and effective supply, so that the production progress and production will not be affected.
4, there is also a favorable open space for the production of the counter crusher, because the broken sand production line of any kind of production process contains many large and small matching equipment, and these equipment can only achieve the maximum productivity only if the equipment is installed on a stable foundation and reasonable layout design.
5, to have a convenient transport channel, no matter the import and export of materials can be guaranteed to be transported to the designated production place, and will not delay the high-speed operation of the broken stone production.
Of course, it is very important to find a crusher produced by a reliable crusher manufacturer, otherwise if the crusher fails in the work, the whole production line will be completely paralyzed, and it is believed that all the manufacturers do not want to produce this problem.


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